July 23, 2024
Vunoklang, Hayin Gada, Off Mubi Road, jimeta - Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria



Babangida Galleon


Adamawa state Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has presented the sum of two hundred and twenty five billion, eight hundred and ninety three million, six hundred and ninety thousand, and six hundred and twenty six naira to the Adamawa state house of assembly as the 2024 budget appropriation.


Presenting the budget appropriation on the floor of the House, Governor Fintiri said one hundred and eleven billion, three hundred and seventy nine million, five hundred and eighty six thousand, one hundred and twenty six naira which represents 47 point five percent of the total annual budget estimate is being earmarked for Capital Development Programmes and Services in the state.


While breaking down the budget, governor Fintiri said sixty eight billion, forty seven million, one hundred and eighty six thousand, three hundred and ninety six naira representing thirty point one percent was allocated For statutory allocation, while forty seven billion, seven hundred and thirty one million, six hundred and fifty eight thousand naira represent twenty one point one of the total budget was for shared vat.


The governor explained that, one billion naira representing zero point four percent of the budget and sixteen billion naira representing seven point one percent were for ecological fund and exchange rate difference, as non-oil revenue sector is being allocated six billion, six hundred and twenty three million, seven hundred and forty four thousand, one hundred and twenty two naira representing two point nine percent of the total budget.


The Governor, further noted that the ministry of works and energy development will be allocated the sum of twenty five billion, five hundred and thirty five million naira,ministry of education and human capital development was allocated fifteen billion, six hundred and three million, one hundred naira and the ministry of health and human services was allocated six billion, three hundred and eighty eight million, ministry of finance six billion, sixty six million, three hundred thousand naira.


Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri stressed that that ministry of Housing and Urban Development was allocated four billion, nine hundred and ninety four million, seven hundred and thirty two thousand, six hundred naira, while the ministry of youth and sports development was allocated four billion, six hundred and four million, two hundred and ninety one thousand, four hundred naira only,


Adding that government will continue to train and equip the Civil Servants with Skills that will enhance their desk function toward better service delivery in the state, as well as ensuring that some of the State’s Untapped sources of Internally Generated Revenue are harnessed, and properly tapped towards the improvement of Revenue Generation in the State within the fiscal year.


While appreciating the cordial relationship that continues to subsist between the arms of government, the governor thanked all the security Agents, traditional and religious leaders in the state for the maintenance of peace in the state.


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