July 23, 2024
Vunoklang, Hayin Gada, Off Mubi Road, jimeta - Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria
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Hotels in Adamawa state gets ultimatum to install CCTV cameras.


Jawati Friday



Adamawa State Government has issued a six week ultimatum for hotel owners to install Closed Circuited Camera, CCTV, in their hotels for effective security and surveillance of their hotel and premises.


Deputy Governor, Professor Kaletapwa Farauta gave the ultimatum in an emergency meeting with hospitality business owners, held at government house, Yola.


The meeting summoned by the deputy governor is on the heels of the recent murder of a lady by an unknown person in one of the hotels in Yola.


Professor Kaletapwa Farauta explained that such wicked acts will not be tolerated in the state, hence the need to find a lasting solution to it.


She directed the instalment of CCTV cameras in hotels within six weeks, insisted on residual security checks, registration of NIN number and identity, condemned short service among other services being entertained by hotel operators towards ensuring lives are protected, reiterating that the measures are for effective security surveillance and safety of customers.


Professor Farauta warned that a committee set up by government will go out at the expiration of the given date to ensure total compliance by hotel owners or face the wrath of government, noting that all hands must be on deck to avert the loss of lives in hotels and improve hospitality business in the state.


The State Chairman of Hotel owners, Chief Samuel Aduata, assured that they will work with government and other relevant stakeholders to achieve security in hotels.


While contributing, the Chief of Staff Government House, Yola, Dr. Edgar Amos explained that a committee has already been set up to go round and ensure compliance to government directives.


The police public relations officer SP. Suleiman Nguroje among others in their contributions testified that the situation is challenging, but insisted that such evil acts must be curtailed by all means.

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