July 23, 2024
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NOA Describes National Anthem as one of the National symbols


Yakubu Halliru



The General public have been called upon to be patriotic by learning how to recite the new national anthem correctly as it is one of the Nigeria’s national symbols.



The call was made by the Director national orientation agency (NOA) Gombe state, Mrs Adeline Waye Patari while speaking to radio Nigeria Jewel FM Gombe in her office.



Mrs Adeline said the new national anthem is now a law, she therefore urged Nigerians to learn the lyrics of the correct version as part of the Nation’s identity.



The director NOA added that the agency has directed all it’s community orientation officers across the state to ensure that people are learning the new anthem especially in schools.



Adeline Waye Patari further explained that the National Orientation Agency is the custodian of all national symbols hence the advised to Nigerians, She also expressed gratitude for the positive additude of people towards the new anthem at some occasions and public gatherings.


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