July 23, 2024
Vunoklang, Hayin Gada, Off Mubi Road, jimeta - Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria
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NSCDC Adamawa State Command Urge Farmers to Avoid Government Grazing Reserves and Cattle Routes


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Adamawa State Command, under the leadership of Commandant Ibrahim Mainasara, has issued a cautionary directive to farmers, urging them to stay clear of identified government grazing reserves and cattle routes in the state.




This advisory according to a statement signed by the CDPRO Adamawa State Command, DSC Nyako Amidu Baba said is part of the command’s ongoing efforts to maintain harmony and prevent conflicts between farmers and herders.




Commandant Mainasara emphasized that adherence to these guidelines is crucial for sustaining the peaceful coexistence and understanding reached among all stakeholders.




“It is imperative for farmers to respect designated grazing areas and cattle routes to avoid any unnecessary friction with herders. Our goal is to ensure that both communities can carry out their activities without interference,” he stated.




The NSCDC Adamawa State Command continues to build on its achievements in providing safety and security to both farmers and herders.




In partnership with the Department of Livestock and Aquaculture under the Ministry of Agriculture, the corps has made significant strides in mitigating the activities of cattle rustling, which has been a persistent issue in the region.




“Our efforts are ongoing and unwavering,” added Commandant Mainasara. “Through our collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, we have successfully reduced incidents of cattle rustling, thereby fostering trust and cooperation between the farming and herding communities.”




The NSCDC’s proactive measures have contributed to a more secure and stable environment, enhancing the economic well-being of Adamawa State.




The command reassured the public that it remains committed to addressing any security challenges that may arise and will continue to work diligently to safeguard the interests of all residents.

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