June 13, 2024
Vunoklang, Hayin Gada, Off Mubi Road, jimeta - Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria



Jawati Friday

The Comptroller of the Nigeria immigration Service, Adamawa State Command, Comptroller Ibrahim Maina has reiterated commitment of the service to ensure the closure of borders from Friday 12 midnight to Sunday ahead of the governorship election.


Comptroller Ibrahim Maina stated this during an interview with Radio Nigeria Fombina news in Yola.

The Comptroller of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Adamawa State Command, Comptroller Ibrahim Maina explained that in respect of the border closure, they were directed by the Director General of the Nigeria Immigration Service to ensure border closure from 12midnight on Friday to Sunday before reopening the border.


According to him, last Wednesday, they invited all their field officers, patrol officers and those at the check points  that they should effect the directives.


The Comptroller of the Nigeria Immigration Service further said  in respect of the presidential and national assembly elections, they did not experience any difficulty after the border closure, saying they received corporation from the people and there was good synergy between the officers at the borders and those of the camaroon republic.


He added that they have created security intelligent unit to monitor the election, urging the public to report any suspicious situation for prompt action.


He also emphasized that the public should report foreigners who wants to participate in the election, stressing that they have provided a form to INEC to handle issues that concerns foreigner during election.


Comptroller Ibrahim Maina also said they have already manned the borders by deploying their officers to go by the directives so that it will not affect the security of the border.




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