December 10, 2023
Vinikilang Hayin Gada along, Mudi-Yola Road, jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria
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Adamawa State Government receives grant from World Bank for the development of education in the state.


Babangida Galleon



Adamawa state government has received 125 million dollar grant from the World Bank as a result of its commitment towards the development of education in the state.


This was disclosed by the state coordinator, Adamawa state Global partnership for education, Transforming education at the state level, Mr., Michael Chinda Medugu during an interview with Radio Nigeria in Yola, the Adamawa state capital.


Mr. Michael Chinda said the project, Global Partnership for education is a project from the World Bank awarded to three states in the country including Adamawa state.


According to the state project coordinator, fifty schools have been earmarked for the project in its first phase and an advocacy visit has been scheduled where the school based management committee will be trained on their roles and responsibilities which entails sole ownership of the project by the community.


“ there are fifteen schools that will be renovated in this first year and those selected 50 schools there is this network package developed by the project in which we followed due process and criteria required by the world bank”


Mr. Michael Chinda said, some of these criteria by the world bank in ensuring that the earmarked schools are populated, they must be in hard to reach areas particularly the rural areas, and must be three kilometers radius away from a neighboring school, emphasizing that the essence is to ensure that students have a conducive and convenient learning space throughout their learning period.


The state project coordinator said the project is a four years project and it is now in its second year due to embargo placed on the activities of NGOs in the state but will fully kick start from October 2023 to October 2025.


Speaking on gender inclusion on the project, the project gender officer, Maryam Ayuba Ali said the project will ensure gender inclusion and there is a desk officer specifically appointed for children with special needs which ensure that all children learn under the same roof and also there is an incentive for the vulnerable ones so as to encourage them to enroll the more.


“ we have the package of training the teachers , you know is you train the teachers how to handle this children all this small stigmatization will be avoided”


Shedding more light on the project, the project communication officer and focal person of school based management committee, Atenka John said the global partnership for education Project is building on the BESDA project in the state, being referred as to BESDA additional financing, which is attributed to the free education policy of the Fintiri led administration.


“ in a way the state government is trying to shift the normal contractual building of schools to community base”


The fifty schools selected to benefit from the first phase of the Adamawa state Global Partnership for Education includes:
DEMSA (Kpasham Primary School, Kwale Primary School)
FUFORE ( Gurinati Primary School, Ndabala Primary School, Bai Primary School, Gogra Primary School, Ribadu Malabu Primary School, Bilachi Primary School, Ugi primary School)
GANYE ( Datlam Primary School, Jangani Primary School, Man-bewa Gatiro Primary School, Danubu Nomadic Primary School, Gidan Kowa Primary School, Sanjo Nomadic Primary School)
GIREI (Kpongno Primary School, Douvendu Nomadic Primary School)
GOMBI (Fotta Primary School, Gada Mai Saje Primary School)
GUYUK (Dumna Zerbu Primary School, Sukelye Primary School, Dangu II Primary School)
HONG (Gaya Gartsanu Primary School, Thabu Primary School)
JADA ( Madugu Girls Primary School, Gangwaso Primary School, Sankeupo Primary School, Mari Primary School)
LAMURDE ( Gyakan Primary School, Nzopudo Primary School, Kupte Primary School, Bajen Primary School, Butoni Primary School, Opalo Primary School, Hadiyo Primary School, Tito Primary School, Tisso Primary School)
MADAGALI ( Gwaba Primary School, Hurgo Primary School, Vizik Primary School, Njilang Primary School )
MAYO BELWA PUBLIC (Gongoshi Model Nomadic Primary School)
MICHIKA (Shika Gana Primary School)
NUMAN (Ngbalang Primary School)
SHELLENG (Ketembere Primary School)
SONG (Shure Primary School, Prambe Primary School)
TOUNGO (Gumti Primary School Toungo)
YOLA SOUTH (Malkohi Primary School, Gongoshi III Primary School).

Adamawa state happened to be one of the beneficiaries of the grand by the World Bank together with Oyo and Katsina states.

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