May 19, 2024
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Safe Motherhood Day 2024: Championing Family Planning and Maternal Health in Nigeria.


Gloria Abutu



As Nigeria participates in Safe Motherhood Week alongside the global community, attention has been drawn to the vital link between family planning and maternal health in safeguarding the well-being of mothers and their children nationwide.


Under the theme “Empowering Women through Family Planning and Maternal Health,” Nigerians are urged to prioritize accessible healthcare services for all Nigerian women.


According to DevCom/TCI, the focus of this day is to raise awareness about prioritizing family planning to ensure maternal health and sustainable investments for mother and child well-being.


In a statement by Mrs. Omobunike Adebayo, National Safe Motherhood Day aims to ensure all women receive the necessary care throughout their pregnancy.


A key objective of the national Safe Motherhood Initiative program is to enhance the quality and accessibility of family planning and maternal healthcare services for all women of childbearing age.


Despite progress, Nigeria still faces challenges in reducing maternal mortality rates and ensuring universal access to family planning services.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the country accounted for approximately 20% of global maternal deaths in 2017, highlighting the urgent need for targeted interventions to improve maternal health outcomes.


The statement further points out that expanding access to contraception and maternal care services can mitigate risks associated with unintended pregnancies and improve maternal well-being.


The Challenge Initiative, TCI team lead, Dr Taiwo Johnson notes that “family planning is the cornerstone of maternal health, offering women the autonomy to make informed choices about their reproductive futures.”.


He adds that “through accessible family planning services, we empower women to navigate their maternal journey with dignity and ensure safer outcomes for both mother and child,”


The Nigerian government’s commitment to the national safe motherhood initiative underscores efforts to improve maternal healthcare accessibility and quality.


However, there’s a need for sustained investments in healthcare infrastructure, capacity building, and community outreach programs to address maternal mortality determinants effectively.


DevComs Programme Director, Akin Jimoh, notes that “safe motherhood begins with empowering women to plan and space their pregnancies according to their health, economic, and social circumstances.”


Jimoh says, “By prioritising family planning, we not only safeguard maternal health but also pave the way for stronger, healthier families and communities, contributing to a brighter future for all.”


By prioritizing family planning, Nigeria can enhance maternal health, strengthen families, and contribute to healthier communities.


Safe Motherhood Week reinforces the collective commitment to advancing family planning and maternal health in Nigeria, promoting sustainability and local ownership through initiatives like Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI).

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