April 19, 2024
Vinikilang Hayin Gada along, Mudi-Yola Road, jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Adamawa State Executive council approves supplementary budget of over 39 Billion Naira


Babangida Galleon


Adamawa state executive council has approved the 2023 supplementary budget of thirty nine billion, six hundred and sixty one million, nine hundred and forty, seven hundred and seven naira, sixty three kobo to be sent to the state assembly for consideration.


The approval was done during the first governor Fintiri second tenure executive council meeting of the state chaired by him.


Addressing news men after the meeting, the Commissioner for Education, Umar Garba Pella alongside the commissioner for information, Naido Geoffrey Kufulto said four major approvals were made during the first executive meeting for the betterment of the people of the state.


The commissioners said with the recent change in the economic situation of the country, there is an expectation on the rise of revenue in the state as a result of fuel subsidy removal and the only way to successfully accommodate the new surge in revenue is to expand the budget of the state to two hundred and fourteen billion, three hundred and eighty million, nine hundred and sixty eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty seven naira, sixty three kobo against the earlier appropriation of one hundred and seventy five billion, nineteen million, fifty four thousand naira.


The executive council also approved the procurement of two thousand, one hundred metric tons of maize at the cost of five hundred and forty eight million, seven hundred and thirty thousand naira and nine hundred metric tons of fertilizer which translated to four hundred and thirty million, two hundred and seventy thousand naira from the federal government to be distributed to citizens of Adamawa state, especially the most vulnerable ones at a subsidized rate.


The executive council also approved the procurement of six metric tons of Nigeria milled rice at the cost of one hundred and forty two million, five hundred and sixty thousand naira, all subsidized in an effort of cushion the effects of subsidy removal.


The council further approved the procurement of thirty thousand 5kg bags of sahel MPK 20: 10: 10 fertilizer at the cost of six hundred and seventy five million naira to be sold to civil servant in the state at a more subsidized rate.


This, according to to the council are efforts aimed at ameliorating the hardship being experienced by civil servants and the people of the state.



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