June 13, 2024
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The Catholic Church will never solemnize same-sex union- Bishop Dami Mamza

By Gloria Abutu


There is no possibility for blessing of same-sex union or activities in the Catholic Church.


The Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese, Most Reverend Stephen Dami Mamza stated this while delivering his Christmas message at Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church in Yola, the Adamawa state capital.


Reacting to speculations that the church had approved the blessing of same sex couples, Most Reverend Dami Mamza who is also the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN in Adamawa state, said the recent declaration by the dicastery was rather misinterpreted by a section of the media.


“Regarding the blessing that the dicastery declared, it didn’t say priests should bless same-sex union, it is not a solemnization of marriage. Even an armed robber can ask for blessing if he is going to be executed. So if that can be done, whether same-sex or whoever that comes to me individually for blessing, that blessing may change the person”, he said.


He explained that any individual regardless of faith, culture or persuasion is free to receive blessings from the church as human persons, but not as same – sex couples, saying emphatically that the Catholic church will never bless union between individuals of the same sex.


The cleric added that the teaching of the Catholic church on marriage remains the same, stressing that only union between a man and woman can be solemnized by the church.


According to the Bishop, “Blessing is for everybody, so the call for blessing is not for presiding over their wedding. The church does not do that. The church has not done that in history, the church is not going to do that now, and I’m sure the church is not going to do it because the church believes that marriage is between a man and a woman”, he added.


The Catholic Bishop while expressing hope for a better Nigeria, urged people to keep hope alive even in the face of difficulties as they celebrate Christmas.

He siad, “Inspite of the security and economic challenges, we should not lose hope, Christ is with us, Emmanuel is with us. Definitely, things will not continue the way they are going, things will get better in the future.

So let us hope that in the coming year, things will get better in Nigeria than we have had it in the past.”


He admonished Christians to emulate the humility of Jesus Christ and contribute meaningfully to peace, unity and development of the country.


“The story of incarnation that we celebrate should be a lesson that Christ came into the world in order to save humanity. He became man in order to save us, so we should imitate the example of Christ”, said Bishop Dami Mamza.

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